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Noodling around with a few Roland keyboards and MIDI Designer Pro for the last few years.

Sharing what I have learned, and looking for more interesting problems to work on.

Much of this content was shared elsewhere over the last few years. Trying to collate it all in one location before I forget it all.


Roland X-Series Synths (Jupiter Xm, Jupiter X, Juno X)


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RD 2000 Piano Editor Updated

Explore the extensive sonic landscape of the Roland V-Pianos  Release 2.10 now supports all German Concert content other added templates RD-2000 pianos have extensive adjustable settings, including: Individual Voicing editing on the keyboard is by individual note.  Any change requires numerous actions.  This layout provides templates that update all 88…

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Chord^ – flexible chord layout

Chord^ – flexible chord layout.   Linear two octave x 7 pad array transposes and plays chords.   Assign preloaded or user specified chords to pad rows. Nine user chords with up to 10 notes each can be entered and assigned during performance. Presets save pad and user chord assignments.…

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