Controlling External Device with X- Series

Jupiter X – Jupiter Xm – Juno X

It is not obvious how to successfully control an external device, particularly a DAW, with an X- series. However, there is an approach that will provide consistent, repeatable control.

Transmit Controls

X- series have four external device control modes

  • SysEx messages
  • Standard control change messages
  • Main Stage Control
  • Aria Link – for Mx 1 only

SysEx message transmission

  • enabled in System Settings / MIDI Tx / Transmit Edit
  • Message definition is in the MIDI implementation manual

CC message transmission

  • Enabled in System Settings / MIDI / Tone CC Map (parameter manual Jupe p 36, Juno p 32)
  • Cc assignment is in the parameter manual, tone parameters, right hand column (starts on p16 – both)

Main Stage 

  • Enabled with Part + Menu button
  • See reference manual (Jupe p 44, Juno p 40) for control assignments

Implementing Cc Control

The challenge with SysEx and CC is that the assignments can change based on the mode (Scene, Part, Model Bank) and type of tone selected. 

The work around is to choose one specific mode for doing remote control then stick with it.

An example set of choices, always in Part Mode, with Part 4 selected, Part 4 settings as follows

  • Jupiter-X or Juno-X Tone 
  • Scene / Zone / Master Keyboard set to MKB
  • MKB channel as desired for DAW control

This way you use Parts 1-3 for local playing, Part 4 is reserved for remote control capability, using the Ccs shown in the Jupiter-X / Juno-X tone

Once you have finalized a set of assignments to the mapped Ccs, you can add labels to identify the external parameters controlled.







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