MDP2 Technique – automatically switch pages in multi-page button group

Problem statement – with a multiple page group of buttons (stops, presets, etc.) use a stepper to increment, and when the last one on a page is reached, change to the next page.

Secrets to successful page jumps

  • the page jump action occurs when the button goes OFF, not ON.  So to jump successfully we need a control that holds the page button ON, except in the cases where you want a jump to occur.  For this we use a knob with named ticks – all values are 127 except where we want to jump – those values are zero
  • the jump button has to be on the page you want the jump to occur, and it only happens when that page is visible

Build the field of grouped buttons.

Add the knob grouper.  Ensure the knob has the same number of ticks as field buttons.

Repeat for each of you pages in the field:

  • Create a knob, set MIDI min and max to 127, set number of ticks to match grouper, make subcontrol of grouper
  • Select named ticks, accept conversion, for all the values this page should appear, change the 127 to 0
  • Create the page jump button, make subcontrol of knob above, hide in play mode, make copies for each page except the desired page (e.g., if Jump to page 2, goes on all pages except 2)

Sample layout at:






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