RD 2000 Piano Editor Updated

Explore the extensive sonic landscape of the Roland V-Pianos 

Release 2.10 now supports all German Concert content other added templates

  • This layout provides multiple methods to explore the complete sound range of the RD-2000 V-Pianos
  • The original and German Concert V-Pianos include 17 presets each, with do not begin to cover the sonic range available with the full range of V-Piano settings
  • Mix and match settings from different existing presets, or design your own
  • Apply V-Piano Individual voicing to SN pianos – the SN presets do not have any character or level presets, so you can use the V-Piano or template settings to enhance your SN pianos

RD-2000 pianos have extensive adjustable settings, including:

  • Individual Voicing: V- and SN — fine tuning, level, and character for each individual key
  • Piano Designer: V-, SN,  and E.Pianos — Settings that impact all notes (Lid, damper & hammer noise, etc.)
  • Sympathetic Resonance: SN pianos — resonance from holding down sustain pedal

Individual Voicing editing on the keyboard is by individual note.  Any change requires numerous actions.  This layout provides templates that update all 88 notes at once, with wide variation in the templates provided.  Some may be useful, some experimental, some cacophonous.  These templates provide a jumping off point for individual editing. A majority of the Roland embedded and expansion V-Piano templates are included (excluding duplicates and a few non-interesting).

Find the layout at midiDr.com/qa/6911

MIDI Designer Pro 2 is a purchased application for iOS and M processor Macs. This layout is provided at no additional cost.

For an in-depth look at the V-Pianos, see https://redheronmusic.com/rd-2000/rd-2000-v-pianos/







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