Category: Jupiter X-Xm

  • Jupiter X(m) Manager Updated

    Minor update to version 2.01. Scene offsets page was not properly loading for zones 2-4. While I was there, rearranged the page to a more logical format.

  • Piano Geeks Only

    Piano Geeks Only

    Roland recently released new sound content for the five + year old RD 2000, a German Concert Grand V-Piano expansion. This suggested a re-look at the V-Piano capability in the RD 2000 and an examination of the new model capability. Read more here

  • Controlling External Device with X- Series

    It is not obvious how to successfully control an external device, particularly a DAW, with an X- series. This post provides an approach that will provide consistent, repeatable control results.

  • Translate JD-800 SysEx format to Roland X-Series Format

    Do you have original JD-800 SysEx dumps that you want to use in your Jupiter X(m) or Juno-X? This spreadsheet will translate those dumps to import to the Jupiter X/Xm JD-800 expansion model. (No, this does not convert the SysEx to ZEN-Core format, allowing you to bypass the JD-800 model.) More information here

  • Jupiter X-Xm Manager 2.00 is now available.  

    Major update to match the capabilities in X/Xm Firmware 3.00 New “Jupiter-X” model editor, new Arpeggio settings, new Tones, and more. Dig into the new Arpeggio modes with views across all Parts without those cryptic references to the base styles (Type35P4 or Rhythm 17) This layout is free – it requires the MIDIDesigner iPadOS app It…