RD 2000

The RD 2000 combines a solid weighted piano keyboard actions with Rolands V-Pianos, SuperNatural Pianos, a Tone Wheel organ, and a collection of classic synth sounds. It can load two (of six) free expansion packs, including four pianos, a second Tone Wheel organ, and a collection of additional classic synth sounds.

With eight zones that can control either internal tone or external boards and a healthy collection of assignable controls, it is a good keyboard to serve as the base of a studio.

A system update in 2022 added capability for a V-Piano expansion pack, which is purchased from Roland Cloud.



Roland V-Pianos


RD 2000 Quick Reference Guide

RD 2000 Program Spreadsheet (Name, Bank and Program Change)

MDP2 Layouts

My collection of MIDI Designer Pro 2 layouts for the RD 2000:

RD 2000 Manager – this is the workhorse layout for the RD 2000. Provides most functions needed on a routine basis for getting the most out of your RD 2000

RD 2000 Piano Editor – dig into the customizable settings on the V- and SN Pianos. Templates provide bulk update to avoid editing 88 individual V-Piano parameters.

RD 2000 Rhythms – the RD inherited a set of 200 classic Roland drum patterns, but not many controls. This provides ability to quickly select, and even sequence, the rhythms.

RD 2000 Light Show – plays a pattern of lights (use while piano is otherwise idle)

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