Roland X-Series Synths

Jupiter X – Jupiter Xm – Juno X

Roland has released a family of synths with a common architecture and software, with differing interface layouts and include models. These are the Jupiter-Xm, followed by the Jupiter X, and now the Juno-X.

My Xm arrived just about the time COVID lockdown began. So I have spent a lot of time learning this board, and it has come a long way from the 1.0.2 firmware that was loaded on delivery.

I like to noodle around with software, programming, and music, and these boards provide the ideal platform for exploring a lot of musical content.

They can go from the simplicity of programming a Juno 106 model (36 parameters) to the complexity of the ZEN-Core engine (~ 1139 parameters)


A very useful site from one of the early Jupiter Xm adopters is

Jupiter X-Xm 3.0 / Juno-X 1.0 related:

Firmware 3.0 Quick Reference Guide

Firmware 3.0 Arp Overview

Firmware 3.0 Looping and Jamming with Step Edit

X-Xm 3.0 Scene & Tone Data

Bits and Pieces – other -X series topics


Controlling External Devices – approach to maintaining sanity while using X-series to control DAW, etc.

JD-800 Sysex Translator – translate legacy JD-800 SysEx data for use in the X- series synths


Firmware 2.0 Update Quick Reference

Firmware 1.5 Updated Menu Structure

These are somewhat dated, but might still have some useful info. I need to find some time to update them.

Jupiter Xm Quick Start R2

Jupiter Xm QRG 1.01

MIDI Designer Pro 2 Layouts

MIDI Designer Pro 2 is a paid application for iPadOS and Apple Silicon Macs. These layouts are available at no charge.

Jupiter X-Xm Manager – Updated for new 3.0 system software.

  • Visual Editor for Roland Jupiter X/Xm – also works with new Juno-X, see
  • Analog Synth Model Editors laid out similar to the original – now includes “Jupiter-X” model
  • Master Mixer and Effects overviews, with major controls in sound chain in an single view
  • Editors for Arpeggio, Master Effects, EQ, Controls, and Scene, Zone, & Settings

Jupiter X-Xm ZEN-Core Editor – (usable, but needs update for 3.0 changes)

  • The Jupiter Xm is a powerful, complex sound tool, trapped behind a small screen.  ZEN-Core is a flexible synth construct with hundreds of settings.
  • This MDP2 layout brings the ZEN-Core settings onto a larger screen, so you can see most settings impacting your sound in one view, and providing a more visual method for customizing your sound. 
  • This is a companion to the Jupiter XM Manager layout for MDP2 – due to size and room for expansion of both, they have been kept separate.
  • Editor for ZEN-Core Tones
  • Visual overviews of key synthesizer settings

Jupiter X-Xm Global Settings – There are settings on the Jupiter X-Xm that are individually controlled in each Scene instead of being the expected System (global) setting.  This provides flexibility, but also becomes a pain to make a bulk change.  This layout has a single function – bulk edit these settings as if they were a System setting.  This layout is separate from the other Jupiter X-Xm as it should be infrequently required

This provides bulk editors for:

  • Midi Transmit / Receive Channel
  • Midi Transmit / Master Keyboard Switch
  • Master Keyboard Transmit Channel
  • Scene Part Pitch Bend Range

Juno-X Global Settings – same as above, for the Juno-X

Jupiter X-Xm Tone Wheel Organ – turn your Jupe into a tone wheel organ

  • ZEN-Core emulation of Tone Wheel Organ, with live drawbars and percussion controls
  • Customizable organ settings.  Adjust drawbar tuning, noise, key click, etc.  Editor for VK Rotary Tone Mfx
  • ~230 fixed drawbar presets, including many classic settings, 24 user presets

Jupiter X-Xm “Jupiter X” Model Editor – for the new “Jupiter-X” model

I had mostly stopped updating the Jupiter-X/Xm MDP 2 Layouts since Roland released their computer-based editor.  However, when the Roland update for 3.0 was delayed, I put together a quick editor for the new Jupiter-X model.

This is a stripped-down layout, focused only on the specific Jupiter-X model.

Note – I received enough requests after releasing this stand alone version that I did update the Manager layout for the 3.0 system software update.

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