JD-800 Sysex Translator

For Jupiter-X, Jupiter-Xm, and Juno-X

The Roland JD-800 is a digital synthesizer that was manufactured between 1991 and 1996. It features many knobs and sliders for patch editing and performance control — features that some manufacturers, including Roland, had been omitting in the name of streamlining since the inception of the Yamaha DX7. The JD-800 thus became very popular with musicians who wished to take a hands-on approach to patch programming. The introduction in the manual states that Roland’s intention with the JD-800 was to “return to the roots of synthesis”.


A significant number of third party patches were created for the JD-800. And with a synth well into the MIDI-era, many musicians archived their patches using the SysEx dump capability of the board.

The Roland -X series (Jupiter / Juno) can load SysEx for the JD-800 model. While this includes the same parameters as the original, they are formatted and arranged into different messages. A spreadsheet can provide the necessary conversion between formats.

There are two versions of the spreadsheet, one each for the Jupiter X/Xm and for the Juno-X.

An “original” JD-800 factory dump is also provided in spreadsheet format.

Jupiter X-Xm JD-800 Translator

Juno X JD-800 Translator

“Original” JD-800 Patch bank



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